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Apple Back to School Sale 2013 – Get Reduced Pricing on a Mac and Free $100 Gift Card

Apple just announced  what their back to school 2013 promotion offer and this year is similar to last, you get reduced pricing on any Mac purchase and a free $100 iTunes gift card.  In addition to that, if you purchase an iPad or an iPhone you get a Free $50 iTunes gift card.   A Mac […]

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Is There an Apple iPhone 5 Student Discount?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this week you likely have heard about the new iPhone 5 release from Apple.  The iPhone 5 will be up for order from this Friday the 14th of September and shipping or available in retail stores on September, 21.  The price with a 2-year contract from either […]

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Get a $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80 at is offering an iTunes $100 gift card for only $80 online right now, the gift card comes to you via email format so there’s no having to wait for it to arrive in the mail. You can use the gift card code to simply top up your iTunes account so you can use the […]

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Apple MacBook Air 13” $999 at Best Buy this Week (Student Deal)

Best Buy is offering $100 off the 2012 edition of the 13” Apple MacBook Air this week on top of the already $100 off sale price of $1,099 so after the discount the total comes to $999 for a MacBook Air with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory and 128GB SSD.  Here’s a link […]

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Apple Announces Back to School 2012 Offer for MacBooks and iPad

Apple finally announced today what their back to school 2012 promotion offer would be, and lo and behold, it’s the same as last years $100 free iTunes gift card when you buy any Mac.  This includes the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks.  You can also get a $50 iTunes gift card when you […]

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Apple Updates MacBook Air Line for 2012, $100 Cheaper than Last Year

Apple today announced and released updated MacBook Air laptops for 2012.  The MacBook Air will now come equipped with Intel’s Ivy Bridge line of processors that offer both better performance and still the same battery life as last years.  There will still be both an 11” and 13” model of the MacBook Air and you […]

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Does the New Apple iPad 3 have a Student Discount?

The new Apple iPad is coming out this week, and of course the question on many students minds is whether you can use the Apple student discount on the purchase of a new iPad.  To access the Apple Student discount portal use this link, and then simply select your college and you enter the Apple […]

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Apple iBooks 2 with iBooks Textbooks Available

Apple has released iBooks 2 for the iPad that features a new iBooks textbooks capability.  The iBooks textbooks are electronic versions of popular paper textbooks but enriched with interactive animations, diagrams, photos, and videos.  For example, there will be integrated 3D animations of molecule structures in chemistry textbooks that go right alongside the text.  Apple […]

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$30 of iTunes Gift Cards for $25.50 at Best Buy

Best Buy has a deal right now in which you can buy a 3-pack of of $10 Apple iTunes Gift Cards for $25.50.  Quick math says this is a $4.50 discount and in terms of percentages it’s 15% off, and that’s about as good as you’ll get for any type of Apple related goods!  If […]

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Apple Black Friday 2011 Deals

The Black Friday deals for Apple are already known, you’ll have one day (Friday 11/25) to score better prices on Macs, iPads and iPods than you normally can.  Apple never discounts except for on Black Friday, this is literally the only day of the year they do.  Does my student discount stack on top of […]

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