Apple Back to School Sale 2013 – Get Reduced Pricing on a Mac and Free $100 Gift Card

Apple just announced  what their back to school 2013 promotion offer and this year is similar to last, you get reduced pricing on any Mac purchase and a free $100 iTunes gift card.  In addition to that, if you purchase an iPad or an iPhone you get a Free $50 iTunes gift card.   A Mac purchase includes any MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks.   Here are the details, if you’re a student you can get the following discount prices on MacBooks:

  Regular Price Student Price Savings
MacBook Air 11” $999 $949 $50 (5%)
MacBook Air 13” $1,099 $1,049 $50 (4.2%)
MacBook Pro 13” $1,199 $999 $200 (17%)
MacBook Pro 15” $1,799 $1,699 $100 (5.5%)
MacBook Pro with Retinal Display 13” $1,499 $1,399 $100 (6.6%)

imageThe “best deal” is actually the $200 off the 13” MacBook Pro as you save 17% when purchasing as a student.  Of course, the price of $999 is still pretty hard to swallow if you’re a student on a budget, but it’s as good as a price that you can find on the MacBook Pro.  And just to remind you, to qualify for the back to school discount at Apple, you just have to be a college student (either attending or accepted), a parent buying for a student or a faculty or staff member at any academic learning institution (K – 12 or college).  And don’t forget, these discount prices all come on top of the free $100 iTunes gift card you get, so you might consider your saving even more.  There’s no doubt going to be apps or music you’ll want to buy, so the gift card can be put to good use.

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