Sprint Student and Employer Discount Guide 2011

Now that Sprint is going to be carrying the iPhone 4 and 4S it’s time to revisit the Sprint student discount and make some updates to an old article we wrote in 2009.  Sprint now uses a different website and method for their employer and student discount verification, but the good news is that it’s still there and easy to do.

To see if your school or employer offer a discount through Sprint just go here: Sprint Employer and School Discount Lookup

It’s a simple form where you have to submit your work or school email address and on the next page Sprint will either give you a success notification and then send you an email with the discount rate and how to signup, or a “sorry you’re not qualified” page if your school / employer haven’t entered an agreement with Sprint.

Successful discount page:Sprint employer discount successful Sorry no discount page:Sorry, no Sprint employer discount

Even if you don’t qualify for a discount, it might be worth submitting your email anyway because Sprint sends an email with a $50 credit coupon as an incentive to signup for a new line anyway, here’s a screenshot of that email below:

Sprint Student Offer email

How much is the Sprint Employer and Student Discount?

Assuming you do qualify for a discount the amount varies by employer, school and government institution based on the agreement they have worked out with the company.  In general the amount is around 15%, here are a few examples of some company and school discount rates for Sprint:

Example of Sprint Discount

  • 3M 18%
  • AAA 5%
  • Aetna 12%
  • IBM 25%
  • Illinois State University – 15%
  • Intel – 15%
  • Johns Hopkins University 15%
  • Microsoft 20%
  • Orange County (Florida) Public Schools 15%
  • Papa Johns 13%
  • PepsiCo 23%
  • Southwest Airlines 15%
  • State Farm Insurance 25%
  • State of Illinois Employees 21%
  • State of Ohio Employees 15%
  • State of California Employees 15%
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) 25%
  • University of Akron 10%
  • University of California Berkeley 15%
  • University of Chicago 21%
  • University of Missouri 13%
  • University of Texas at Austin 15%

For an example of a web page that shows the discount you can access the Ohio Government Employees discount where it shows the 15% off rate.

Example of Savings on an iPhone Plan

Since Sprint will be the only wireless carrier offering unlimited data on the iPhone to new customers it’s going to be a very enticing deal to many, especially if you can score a 15% off employer or student discount.  The Sprint Simply Everything plan that offers unlimited data (web access), texting and talking is $109.99 per month.  If you get 15% off of that then instead it will be $93.49 a month, or a savings of about $16.50.  Multiply that by a year and you save $198 a year.  I’m sure everyone can use an extra $200 in their pockets each year, that’ll buy you things!

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  1. Mark February 22, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    Came across this site, doing research after stopping by a sprint store today. FYI discounts are not offered on the Unlimited Everything plans. Also discounts are only applied to the core plan not any extras which an example would be the additional 10 charge for a smart phone. So you will only get a discount on the 69.99 portion of the 69.99 plan, nothing else. (source: sprint rep)

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