Amazon Prime now 50% off for Students, Includes Free Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you’re a student that signed up for the free Amazon Prime shipping last year when it started then you’re free 1-year period is coming to an end very soon.  That’s the bad news, the good news is that although Amazon Prime regularly costs $79 Amazon is offering an Amazon Prime renewal rate of $39 to students.  Here’s a screenshot of the web page where students can renew for this reduced rate:

Amazon Prime for Students

It also appears that the old promotion of free 1-year year Amazon Prime membership trials for students has been removed, so any new signups will have to pay this $39 rate.  While that’s a bit of a bummer, there is some good news.  With the free Amazon Prime student promotion you did not get access to the unlimited instant access to the free TV and movie Prime instant videos.  So here’s a run down of what you get with this $39 rate on the Amazon Prime for student promotion:

  • 1-year $39 membership to Amazon Prime (with 4-year limit of renewals at this rate)
  • Unlimited FREE two-day shipping on any item you order, no minimum size or price
  • FREE release-date delivery on video games, DVDs, books or more

If you’re a student currently on the free Amazon Prime plan and you upgrade today, the free period will end immediately and the paid plan will begin.  That’s good if you want access to the Amazon Prime videos, however if you expected the paid period to start after your free period has begun you might be annoyed.  Note that Amazon will only let you renew at the reduced student rate for 4-years, including your free year, so if you renew immediately and you still have 2-months left on the free account you’ll essentially lose 2 months of reduced rate Amazon Prime shipping.  For some it may still be worth doing as the Free Amazon Prime video is a great deal, check out this Amazon page to see a sampling of over 6,000 free movies and TV you can get there.

Amazon Prime Student free videos

For $39 I think this deal is totally worth it, when you consider the fact Amazon has so much you can buy and it’s just plain annoying to pay for shipping on things like DVDs, school supplies, video games or wait for the 3 – 5 days regular Amazon shipping takes.   And if you have Amazon Prime it reduces the need to get your car out and pay for gas to go buy things, yes it’s a bummer Amazon Prime is not free to students any more but the 50% off rate of $39 can be easily worth it and a savings if you purchase a lot from Amazon.

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