Apple iPad 2 $200 Discount Possibly included in Back-to-School 2011 Promotion

UPDATE: The Apple Student Back to School 2011 promotion is now Live and it is a $100 iTunes gift card, see the article here:

Apple has yet to announce it’s back-to-school promotion for the 2011-2012 school year, but rumor has it that Apple may be offering either a free iPod Touch 8GB valued at $229 with the purchase of any Mac or $200 towards the purchase of an iPad 2, bringing the price of an iPad 2 down to $299 if you purchase it with the Mac.  The offer would be through the Apple Education Student discount portal.  This is all just rumor at the moment and the confirmation for the 2011 Apple back-to-school promotion should come within the next week or two.   Some are saying it will be announced at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) but usually Apple makes the announcement at the end of May or very first week of June, so quite honestly I would expect to hear something this week.


Last year Apple offered a free iPod Touch 8GB with the purchase of a Mac for the 2010 back to school.  Since that time a new and better version of the iPod Touch has been released that has both a front facing and forward facing camera and is slimmer and styled just like the iPhone 4.   Since so many students already have an iPod Touch it would be nice if Apple did offer an alternate discount, even though you’d have to spend another $299 to get the iPad 2 I think most students would go for it.  Especially since you are already getting a 10% discount on the MacBook that your purchase through’s education site.

It will certainly be the case that even if Apple does not offer the $200 discount on an iPad 2 you will be able to apply a $229 discount towards a more expensive iPod such as the iPod Touch 32GB if you don’t want the 8GB version.  Apple will offer this discount to students, faculty and staff members of any public or private higher education institution and also parents of higher educations students as well.  We’ll update this post when we get more information and final confirmation from Apple as to exactly what the 2011 back to school offer will be.  Fingers crossed it includes the iPad 2 $200 discount!

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