Get the Apple iPod Touch 8GB for $184.99 New

This is the best deal I’ve ever seen on the latest version of the Apple iPod Touch 8GB (2010 version), you can get it brand new for $184.99 from via eBay and free shipping.  As a comparison, the price of the 8GB iPod Touch on Amazon is $210.99 and that’s the next cheapest price I can see anywhere.  That means you’re saving $26 off the lowest retail price of the iPod Touch model number MC540LL/A and a full $45 off the suggested Apple price of $229.99 that it sells for on   Percentage wise that’s almost 20% off of the iPod Touch 8GB.  There’s also no student discount for the iPod on so you can’t save money using the Apple student discount that’s available.

For those unfamiliar with the latest Apple iPod Touch, you can read reviews of it from several websites, it’s referred to as the “4th Generation” of the iPod Touch:

The iPod Touch 2010 version has two cameras, one on either side of the device, this makes it easy to do either Face Time where you can have a video chat with someone or to shoot video of your surroundings.  The design is very slim and narrow so slips into your pocket very easily.  Also, the iPod Touch can be considered a music player, movie player, gaming device and web browser all rolled into one so this is a very diverse gadget with a great price of $184.99 via eBay right now!


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