HP Releases New Pavilion G-Series Budget Laptops

HP Pavilion g4t laptopHP today announced and put up for purchase a new line of Pavilion G-series laptops.  The new Pavilion G-series includes a g7t 17-inch laptop, g6t / g6x series 15.6” screen and the g4t 14-inch series.  Each model is available in a seeming rainbow of colors and according to the HP g4t specs sheet the g4t even offers a pink keyboard color option to match a pearl pink lid color if you so choose.

The Pavilion G-series is powered by your choice of an Intel Pentium dual core processor or last generation Core-i3 or Core-i5 processor.  The speediest processor available in the new lineup is the Intel Core i5-480M 2.66GHz processor.  Each laptop is also configurable with either Intel HD graphics or a dedicated AMD 6470M graphics card for those that wish for a bit more performance boost when it comes to 3D.

The focus of the G-series is of course on being light on the wallet, it is classified as HP’s budget series after all.  The prices start as follows for each laptop:

  • HP Pavilion g4t: $499.99 (when configured with Intel Pentium P6200 dual core processor and Intel HD graphics)
  • HP Pavilion g6t: $519.99 (when configured with Intel Core i3-380M processor and Intel HD graphics)
  • HP Pavilion g6x: $549.99 (when configured with Intel Core i3-380M processor and Intel HD graphics)
  • HP Pavilion g7t: $599.99 (when configured with Intel Core i3-380M processor and Intel HD graphics)


While there is both a Pavilion g6t and g6x laptop available we’re scratching our heads to figure out what the difference is between these two differently named machines.  The only discernible difference is that the color options are slightly different (the g6x has sonoma red while the g6t has luminous rose) and HP is calling the HP g6x a “good option for business”, so they’re of course charging more for it even though the specs are the same as the g6t on paper.

Across the line it appears the quoted battery life is around 4 hours.  The styling is the same also the same across each laptop, a chiclet style keyboard and integrated touchpad are standard.  All versions have an HDMI port, integrated web camera and media card reader so HP is not skimping in the media related department despite the fact these are budget.  Each laptop has a 1366 x 768 resolution display except for the g7t which ups the resolution to 1600 x 900.

Configuration and ordering is available now with quick ship orders promising to ship within 24-hours and customized orders offering a March 25 build date and shipping by the end of the month.

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