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Sprint is a popular choice for wireless plans in the U.S. due to the fact they offer reasonable rates on “all you can eat” unlimited data plans and high-end devices such as the Palm Pre, HTC Touch 2 and Samsung Moment.  But if you’re a student and strapped for cash, it’s still pretty pricey to have to pay the $99 Simply Everything plan for unlimited talk and data or the Everything Data plan that offers unlimited data and 450 minutes of talk time at $69.99.  Luckily Sprint has a student discount for many universities in the U.S. that can score you up to 15% off of a Sprint wireless plan.

Here’s how to get the Sprint Student discount:

  1. First, go to this website: http://www.evpdiscount.com/
  2. Type in your school email address in order to find out if Sprint offers a group discount to students and employees for your school.
  3. If Sprint does offer a student discount for your school it will redirect you to a site like this that exists for the University of Kentucky:kentucky-sprint-discount
  4. Once on the site you can sign up for a new plan with Sprint (requires a 2-year commitment) or if you have an existing plan apply the discount to the plan you have.  For a sample of the rates you get, click on the image below:sprint student discount rates
    As you can see, the Everything Data 900 plan (900 minutes of talk, unlimited data) drops to $76.49/month with the discount applied and you can get a 450 minute voice plan for $33.99/month.

Offers vary by school and employer for the Sprint student and employee discount so some may get a better deal than others.  Either way, it’s worth checking into whether your school or employer offer a group discount with Sprint as it can really save you a lot of money on a monthly bill.

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  1. Leonel June 9, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    Hi, I registered with my university email address and it says that a 23% discount is available. I spoke with a customer representative and he tell me that only employees could benefit from this discount, not students. I was able to see the discount because of my .edu address, but I’m not sure if further verification is needed and if they could see that I’m a student.

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