New MacBook Student Discount Not So Great

With the release of the new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro last week a lot of students out there started clamoring to find ways to get the new 13.3″ aluminum MacBook for cheaper than the regular starting price of $1,299.  Everyone in school is pretty well aware of the fact Apple is good to the education market and offers a discount, so hopes were high there would be a nice student discount offer on these new MacBooks.  Unfortunately the student discount on the new MacBook isn’t much to write home about.  Here’s how the pricing works on the new Apple laptop releases with and without the student discount:

Apple Notebook Regular Price Academic Discount Price
2.0GHz New 13.3″ MacBook $1,299 $1,249 (-$50)
2.4GHz New 13.3″ MacBook $1,599 $1,499 (-$100)
2.1GHz Old 13.3″ MacBook $999 $949 (-$50)
2.4GHz New 15.4″ MacBook Pro $1,999 $1,899 (-$100)
2.53GHz New 15.4″ MacBook Pro $2,499 $2,299 (-$200)
1.6GHz New 13.3″ MacBook Air $1,799 $1,699 (-$100)
1.86GHz New 13.3″ MacBook Air $2,499 $2,299 (-$200)

Below is a screenshot of the new Apple MacBooks in the Apple student store portal:

apple macbook student discount

Most likely as a student you’re not going to be spending over $2,000 on a laptop, so the $200 savings you can get on the most expensive MacBook Pro and MacBook Air won’t factor into a buying decision.  I would really like to have seen a student discount that’s better than the $50 off (only about 4%) you get on the new 13.3″ MacBook regularly priced at $1,299 .  The $50 off of $1,299 just doesn’t do a whole lot to make things more affordable if you’re on a budget.  The new 13.3″ MacBook is still priced significantly higher than competing 13.3″ screen laptops such as the HP Pavilion dv3500t or Dell XPS M1330 which can be had for around $999 with a similar configuration.  You could even get a decent lower end student notebook such as the HP dv4t for around $700 (see our review of the HP dv4t here).

While the MacBook is great for school, definitely factor in the price first and weigh it against the PC alternatives out there.  You could even look at nice 13.3″ screen business notebooks such as the Dell Latitude E4300 or Sony VAIO SR.  If you still decide the MacBook is for you, hit this link to access the Apple student discount.

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3 Responses to New MacBook Student Discount Not So Great

  1. Leon October 27, 2008 at 12:58 pm #

    Yeah this is a pretty huge let down. The past series of Macbooks had a bigger discount $100 and they were overall less expensive machines. So not only is it a halfed discount but in a discount to cost ratio it’s even less than half of what it was before. I would imagine this is only temporary as Apple has a tendency to price gouge on new products then offer more reasonable prices further in the product life (iphone anyone?). Give it a year and maybe we will be able to get $999 Macbooks with the education discount again.

  2. Liza on Apple October 14, 2009 at 6:20 am #

    I almost killed myself when I read this post. How come I wasn’t able to know that? =( So sad that after a year, I read this. Anyways, I already have my Mac Notebook and it still satisfies me…=)

  3. Vítor November 11, 2009 at 8:21 am #

    Im from Brasil, and I’ll go to US next month. I’d like to know if I can get this students discount??
    Here in Brasil I got it, but still is more expensive then in US without the discount.
    If it is possible, what would I have to present ??
    Thanks a lot!!!

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